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HIstory of Tru Turn Hooks

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History of Tru Turn Hooks

John W. Campbell was born the son of an Alabama sharecropper, 1914.

He often fished near his grandfather’s gristmill as a child. After getting his hook hung in the mill; he carefully bent the hook back. Even though this hook had a kink in it, it was his favorite.

Years later; stationed at Maxwell Air Force Base, he worked with the then infant computers. These computers used IBM punch cards that had to be sorted and John devised a bent paperclip to sort them faster.

You tend to “fiddle” with things on your desk and John noticed the bent clips rotated towards pressure. It was these bent paperclips that led to the invention of the Tru-Turn hook.

In spring of 1959; while fishing a south Montgomery pond he hooked a nice Bass. As the fish neared the boat, the Bass made a final effort and got away. John began to think and the idea struck him. So he bent his hook with a bend that was perpendicular to the point. It rotated towards pressure, just like his paperclips and that favorite hook he used as a young boy. After more extensive testing on Lake Martin, John knew he had a great hook.

He began bending hooks for Air Force Generals, Majors, and Corporals. Then a local tackle shop wanted them, then two, then a distributor wanted the “bent” hook and the Tru-Turn hook was born. “Tru-Turn Hooks” was incorporated in 1960.

John left this world for better fishing waters in 1991. But millions of his hooks are catching fish the world over.

In addition to Tru-Turn; John’s sons Wes and Steve added the Daiichi, XPoint, StandOUT, Mr Crappie, Team Catfish hook brands. The Blakemore Lure Company was purchased in 2004 adding the famous Road Runner and Real Magic products to the line up.

Today; the TTI-Blakemore Fishing Group is still a family business that ships great fishing products all over the world. The Campbell’s haven’t forgotten where they started.

The “TTI” portion of the name stands for “Tru-Turn Incorporated”.

John’s dreams came true because he helped angler’s dreams come true.

“I think dad would be proud…we’ve shipped millions of hooks for children’s charities and fishing events…it wouldn’t be possible without his efforts and the support of our angling friends.” –Wes Campbell, President, TTI-Blakemore Fishing Group

The Science behind Tru-Turn Hooks

Tru-Turn hooks have an offset cam designed to force the point of the hook up to grab the deepest possible hold.

Just like stepping on a Rake, WHAM! The Tru-Turn cam action flies up and turns on the bite when a fish strikes and hooks the fish in the mouth!

Tru-Turn hooks are either chemically sharpened or have a cone cut point that is super sharp out of the pack. Tru-Turn hooks are available in a number of finishes . The permasteel in the 711 range is greatly resistant to rust meaning they last a long time, the red finish attracts fiah and triggers a feeding response!










The Tru-Turn gang hooks are cone cut permasteel 711’s joined with Tru-Turn swivels, they’re super strong and super sharp! The high quality swivels they are linked to allow the Patented Tru-Turn cam action design to work, making the hook strike back into the mouth of the fish and secure a strong hold, even on a tentative bite.

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