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Jazlures Zappa 55

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The Jazlures Zappa 55 is an awesome top water lure for covering a large variation of species like bream, whiting, tailor, bass, jungle perch, mangrove jack, Saratoga, trevally and many more. With a rapid but controlled walk the dog action, it replicates a split image of a prawn in distress or a wounded baitfish which triggers the reaction bite in the predatory fish. The best thing about these lures is they are effective in both salt and freshwater systems and can be fished quite easily, having a little bit of weight to base of the lure makes it easy to cast and walk the dog action without skipping the lure out of the water or fouling up.

My personal preference is to flick these Zappa 55 range across broken bottom from 0.3m to 1.8-2m of water. I like to fish these with a Walk-the-dog action really fast with a small pause after 10 to 15 twitches whilst chasing bream where as chasing whiting just constantly retrieve. When fishing for freshwater species I find a slower retrieve is more effective and even longer pauses give the fish time to take the initial strike. The solid colors are a lot better for your freshwater species whereas and of your holographic or translucent take the effect of a prawn a lot better and will cover all your saltwater species.

The main things to know about using these lures is mind of matter, let the lure do its thing, don’t rip it through the water at pace. Keep a visual on your lure as much as possible to identify what chases your lure, if it’s a bream give it a pause, with a whiting keep retrieving. The same as all small hardbody lures, do not strike the fish, let the fine gauge hooks do their job. Striking the fish will only pull the lure out their mouth or foul hook the fish in unnecessary place like the eye or the inside the gills which can permanently damage the fish or kill the fish which is not the aim when your out there to catch and release. Plus, you only stress the hook on the lure as well which can leading to breaking hooks or straitening them.


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