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Lake Macquarie Flathead on Halco Madeyes

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Summer is an awesome time to fish , especially the shallowater targeting the bread and butter species bream, whiting and flathead.

From throwing small surface poppers and stickbaits to bigger profile plastics ,there are a variation of techniques and ways to fish the flats. Hunting flathead up on the broken weed and sand banks is one of my favourite ways to fish this time of year, that adrenlin of watching the fish stalk your lure and nailing it boatside.

It is crucial this time of year to know your environment of fishery , what terrain it is , what time of day and what is the main feed. Shallow water areas are home to a large portion of the prawn life and through summer when they are thick thats when you want to match the hatch. Yesterdays session we used the Halco madeye paddle prawns in the Amber oil 5" profile and the flathead were really reacting to these being flicked across the flats. small twitches and a moderate retrieve rate was working a dream , being able to leave the lure in the strikezone for alot longer was paying off with fish upto 60cm being landed and released.

Getting fish on back to back casts was showing these fish were hanging together and working the same banks which is good to see.

The Paddle prawns being made from RST makes them alot more forgiving when it comes to abrasion and damaging hits ,getting a longer lasting life out of the plastic itself. these plastics are fastly becoming my lure of choice for chasing lizards in summer. If you see them in store give them a run in the shallowwater environment.



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