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Tru Turn 711 hooks at Swains Reef

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TruTurn 711 Gang hooks

Truturn 711 have always been a favourite for Queensland reef species especially the Gang hook rigs. Being a fine gauge hook but incredible strong due to the Perma-steel technology gives them the advantage of being easy to penetrate and set on the heaviest of duty fish. Resilient to salt damage means they’re ready to go all the time even after a few trips of use. Popular in Queensland for reef fishing they are also a choice of hook for fishing whole baits like garfish and pilchards for Tailor and other tooth critters in NSW. Having a swivel setup between the hooks makes it easy for the angler to rig their baits even if they have never used gang hooks before and also prevents fish from rolling back on the gang and de-hooking itself or breaking the hook.




TruTurn 711 Forged Perma Steel Hooks  

Truturn are a superb and extremely strong design of hook made to handle everything from delicate reef species to some of the biggest of Apex predators. Joel Fiechtner giving the Truturn name a solid work out after a trip to Swains Reef getting into plenty of Coral Trout and Red throat Emperor on the 711 4/0 Gangs. Getting mix of species on the way including Tuskfish and Spangled Emperor Joel also found himself hooked up on a GT that nailed a strip bait on the Truturn gangs and really put the hurt on.

Big thanks to Joel for the feedback!




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