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Our range of tackle covers every aspect of fishing from Freshwater to Bluewater. Products include Aerators, Burley Bombs, Floats, Headlamps, Hooks, Knives, Leader, Braid, Fishing Line, Lures, Nets, Traps, Gaffs, Sabiki rigs, Swivels, Tackle Boxes, Rods and Reels.

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FIsh Photos & Stories

If you have any great Fishing shots and articles using our gear we would like to see them

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Fishing for Natives with Trollcraft Prism Murrins

The Trollcraft Prism Murrins are a universal range of lures , can be Trolled, Jigged or Cast.

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HIstory of Tru Turn Hooks

John W. Campbell was born the son of an Alabama sharecropper, 1914. He often fished near his grandfather’s gristmill as a child. After getting his hook hung in the mill; he carefully bent the hook back. Even though this hook had a kink in it, it was his favorite. Years later; stationed at Maxwell Air Force Base, he worked with the then infant computers. These computers used IBM punch cards that had to be sorted and John devised a bent paperclip to sort them faster.

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