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Halco Madeye range for estuary fishing

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The Madeye range has an awesome selection of shape, sizes and colors to cover just about any approach to lure fishing, whether you want to run them weedless in a foot of water or want to fish them in open water for pelagic species, they’ll hold up to anything you throw them at. In the estuary systems the 5inch and under profiles are a lot more efficient as your matching the hatch with what’s in the environment.

The flick stick 3and 5-inch range is a fast action lure that is preferred in harsh conditions like heavy current, stronger wind and long banks. Fast rapid retrieve rates are what this lure is built for, to look like a baitfish that has been cut off from the school or in a panic. Working most effective on Flathead, Trevally and Tailor they will also work on bigger bream, snapper and Mulloway in your estuary water ways. You can fish the Flick sticks in waters anywhere from 1m-10m comfortably matching a 5’ profile with a ¼ jig head and still keep a natural action.

The paddle prawn has proven really successful fishing the shallower waters for flathead and bream. The 4-5’ range is perfect for sourcing these fish out for their strike zones. The unique thing about the paddle prawns is the very little amount of movement you need to get the lure swimming, with the small paddle always catching drafts of current and flowing water, even on the stand still its still replicating a life like action. Being made out of RST (Rubber Stretch Technology) material means you get the longest life possible out of your soft plastic and will withstand toothy critters trying to destroy them straight away.


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