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Kumho 3/0 Octopus Beak

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Kumho 3/0 Octopus Beak

The Kumho range covers a large variety in designs of hooks from O’Shaughnessy’s to Circle hooks. For the east coast bottom bashing scenario (especially in New South Wales) the Octopus Beak is the choice of hook. The Beak design sits superb on a Snell rig for running bigger profile baits like whole squid or strip baits.


The beak Style also sits comfortable on a paternoster/snapper rig for deeper waters. Being highly popular for chasing a range of species like Snapper, Pearl Perch, Flathead, Teraglin, Nannigai and many other bottom dwelling species. There are many ways to run a standard Paternoster rig but the most efficient way to get your rig sitting neat and tidy prevent tangles is the easy to tie dropper loop knots as displayed below.

The last few months we’ve been giving the 3/0 Beak style a good solid work out on Teraglin and snapper and mixing it up with some trevally and Perch. Having plenty of success with hook up rates especially when the fish aren’t biting hard, getting multiple trips out of a single hook and still being setup and ready to go again.







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