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Madeye 3-inch Flick stick range

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Madeye 3-inch flick stick range

The 3-inch flick stick is a slim pintail profile that replicates a darting baitfish like a small minnow or poddy mullet. The small slim profile makes fishing current easy with less water pressure dragging your lure out of the strike zone and into foul up territory. the advantage of being a smaller profile is it can be fished multiple ways, can be fished weedless on a weighted worm hook across snaggy areas for Bream, fish as a small trailer on a spinnerbait/ blade bait for Bass and also fished just as your basic darter jig head rig for bread and butter species ,Bream ,Whiting and Flathead. Being Made of RST (Rubber Stretch Technology) gives it the advantage of holding up to heavy strikes and abrasion without destroying the profile of the lure.

The best fishery/ ecosystem I’ve found to fish these in enclosed waters like creeks where theirs a small channel running with deep pockets. With small 5-6 twitch retrieve similar to walking the dog with a hardbody gives this lure enough action in a small area to trigger a reaction bite. You don’t necessarily have to jig this profile as high or as fast as you want to replicate a wounded baitfish or shrimp and don’t want to rip the lure out of the strike zone. The longer you leave it in the deeper waters the better. To get the best action out of the Madeye flick stick in the 3inch profile I usually match it with a 1/12oz 2# Kumho jig head so the plastic is still swimming naturally but you always have contact with the lure without fishing too heavy and getting fouled up in structure. Running a loop knot to the jig head so the lure can freely do what it wants without restriction instead of your traditional Uni or blood knot. If you like your light tackle and creek fishing these lures will work in just about and creek/river systems you throw them in.


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