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Trollcraft Kody 36 Shallow in Lake Maq

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Kody 36 shallow.

The Kody 36 shallow is a unique lure as you’ve got full control of how deep the lure dives in that 0.5m bracket. Say for example there is a structure that comes high up in the water column to work the lure over the snag and back down is only the lift of a rod tip and the lure will swim back to the surface without initially breaching the top water. Even at the slowest rolling speed the Kody shallow has a wide/ sharp action which gives it a strong advantage when trying to trigger a reaction bite.

The best environments I find to work these lures is really long shallow banks where a lot of divers would bottom out or foul up with weed and debris, these lures are in their prime. Grass weed bottom with broken shell where the lure can hover over replicating a prawn/fish in distress. I have had great success with rolling these lures land based which can be incredibly hard to find in a lure as structure can be the problem for most divers. With a mix of flathead, bream and whiting smashing them in most environments. Also rolling the lures next to Piers, jetties, boat ramps and moorings has been working well with good solid bream rising out of the deeper water to take the hardbody.

I recommend running these lures with a PE 0.2-0.4 or a fine diameter 6lb braid or straight through 3lb fluorocarbon. Run a lighter leader of between 2-4lb to keep a nice solid action to the lure , anything 8lb and over becomes a bit heavy and dense on the lure and eliminates the sharper action and roll that the lure performs and drags through water more than works. 7ft 1-3kg rod with a moderate to soft taper will help set hooks without pulling the lure out of the mouths or tearing through the lip of most fish and don’t strike let the fish set the hooks themselves.



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