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Trollcraft Mijyn Vibes

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What makes a vibe unique?

A vibe is one of the only lures that gives off a large amount of action in a very small area triggering fish that aren’t hungry to take that initial reaction bite. The Mijyn range is a great example of this unique finish. Designed to target slow metabolized and dormant species like flathead, mulloway, barramundi and yellowbelly they also work effectively chasing more energetic predators like bream, snapper, tailor, salmon, Mangroves jack, Emperor and bass. The advantage of the soft profile vibes over the plastic and metal vibe lures is the natural feel that fish pick up on the strike. When the fish are flighty and not 100% on their game, we find that they’ll have multiple strikes at a softer finish vibe over a solid structured lured. Giving that higher chance of setting hooks on that fish. Armed with two sets of fine gauge trebles, setting hooks is a lot easier and less effort for the angler even when you’re not ready for that strike.

The Mijyn range works at its best of its ability in 3m-20m of water. The angle of the retrieve in this depth range keeps the lure up right and prevents throwing the back treble over the leader line. Fished in slow to moderate running water with current up to 1.5knots is where you want to be fishing this range hard.  Working large sand banks or drop offs is where the Mijyn is in its prime, heavy structure like trees, timber, rocks and oyster beds are really hard to fish with vibes in general so it is recommended that you mainly fish open areas with minimal heavy structure in the way. With eleven different colours from solid to transparent, dark to bright, there is a colour and size to suit your fishery and environment of choice.


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